Are Cartridges provided?

They are not included in the price of the day, however, as a Hull Cartridge stockist, we can supply cartridges at competitive prices. Equally, we can put a package together to supply all guns with cartridges.

We insist on fibre wad cartridges and a 21g load will be more than adequate.

Do I need 4X4 transport?

No, we will transport you around the shoot in our comfortable gun bus.

Do I need my own gun to come shooting at Yearsley?

Yes, we do not provide any guns.  

Do I need to wear traditional shooting clothes?

No, we like to be relaxed here at Yearsley so please feel free to wear whatever is comfortable / warm / dry (!!). Suitable footwear is advisable as you will be walking through fields, woodland and up and down some small banks.

Do I need to bring safety protection?

We ask all our guests to wear eye, ear and head protection whilst shooting is in progress. We will have spares on the day.

How many cartridges will I shoot during the day?

Guns often fire between 300 and 500 cartridges in a day.

What do I need to bring?

  • Eye, ear and head protection.
  • Plenty of cartridges.
  • A shotgun.
  • A cartridge bag.
  • Valid insurance (this is available from NGO, BASC or CPSA).
  • A shotgun certificate.
  • Gloves or a hand guard if you are shooting a side by side.

Can you recommend some local places to stay?

Yes, we are very lucky to have some lovely hotels and pubs in the area and we would be delighted to point you in the right direction.

Do you cater for specific dietary requirements?

Yes, if any of the team have dietary requirements or allergies, we are happy to cater for them. 

How many clays will be presented throughout the day?

We aim to fire between 3500 - 5000 clays (depending on the number of guns) during the day.

From £180 pp

Including all clays and hospitality (excludes cartridges).
Unlimited cartridge days available - get in touch for details.